Venture Prep High School | VP College Acceptance Spotlight!
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VP College Acceptance Spotlight!

VP College Acceptance Spotlight!


The class of 2017 is really working hard and accomplishing great things. Thus far, Venture Prep seniors have been offered $276,000 in scholarships and the class is well on its way to achieving its goal of 100% college acceptance.

This week we are celebrating Gil Vetten who just received her scholarship of $8,000 ($1,000 per semester) from UNCO. It is with this scholarship that will be able to purchase her textbooks and other necessities for school. Knowledge = power and books = knowledge. We are proud of you Gil we know that this is just the beginning for you!

Vanessa Ortiz is next up on the list of those we need to celebrate. She has been accepted into CSU Pueblo and is excited about her bright future. Vanessa has overcome many obstacles that tried to hinder her applying for college and this is just her first acceptance of many more to come. This serves as true validation for her hard work!

Karen Sandoval is also another bright Venture Prep senior who has been accepted to Fort Lewis College, Luther College, and Regis University who kicked in $40,000 to prove to her how smart she is. Karen is quick-witted and a high achieving who throughout her academic career has made many strides.

The final student we are acknowledging this week is Erica Sullivan who has also been accepted to Regis University. She’s been offered a $40,000 scholarship and is looking forward to more news like this in the near future.  She is a phenomenal student who has a promising path ahead of her. Way to go Erica!

Congratulations Panthers, keep up the amazing work!