Venture Prep High School | November 10, 2016 Newsletter
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November 10, 2016 Newsletter

November 10, 2016 Newsletter

Message from the Principal

Dear Venture Prep Families,

I hope this letter finds you well and that you’re having a wonderful fall.  What an exciting first quarter!  I’m pleased to share with you all the positive things going on at Venture Prep.  These include events, celebrations, and a snapshot of how we’re progressing academically.  These all support our three pillars:  Personalization, Building Strong Relationships, and Rigorous Innovation.

This month I want to focus on our pillar of Personalization to show you how Venture Prep’s program is ensuring your child receives the most individualized learning program possible.

Venture Prep Highlights

English Advances

Ms. Dixon has been incorporating Newsela in her 10th grade English classes for the past two months and the outcomes have been extraordinary.  Students are improving their reading skills at a much faster rate and the best part is it’s helping them track their own progress.

We believe everyone can benefit from improved literacy (especially our students who are developing their English language skills) so we’ve decided to incorporate this program into Advisories for the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades.  By improving their reading skills, our students will perform better on the PARCC tests, PSATs, and SATs!

Personalized Student Support

In April, 10th graders will take the PSAT and 11th graders will take the SAT.  Since these tests are so important to our students’ future, we’re personalizing our support through Advisory.  Students will work on aspects of the tests once a week and will also learn the “tricks” for doing well.  That online platform they’ll use Khan Academy. This is a fantastic online tool that allows our students to take ownership for their own preparation for these tests.  Check it out!  (P.S.:  Because of Ms. Dixon’s use of this program, we have the highest percentage of students in Denver using Khan Academy!)

Venture Prep College Acceptance Program

Imagine if you had a mentor who was available to give you one-on-one support as you walked through the college application process?  This year’s seniors will be the first group at Venture Prep to be provided with a new model of college preparation through their Advisory.  The new Venture Prep College Acceptance Program (VPCAP) involves our three senior Advisors (Mr. Yacovetta, Mr. Glasgo, and Mr. Howson), our social worker Ms. Wheeler, and our College and Career Consultant, Mr. Guillen.  Mr. Yacovetta leads the charge as we roll out a program that ensures our students don’t just get accepted—they get accepted into the right schools for them.

Students are Adopting a Personalized Learning Model

Our 9th graders are making amazing strides with the personalized learning model.  “PLT” (or Personalized Learning Time) occurs three to four times a week and is helping them learn in the way that best reflects their learning styles.  I wish I had been in a program that let me choose how I learned about the French Revolution or exponents or evolution or a book’s theme! Students aren’t just taking ownership of their learning; they’re building a foundation to be life-long learners.