Venture Prep High School | March Newsletter
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March Newsletter

March Newsletter

Message from the Principal

Dear Venture Prep Families,

In just 15 short days, Quarter 3 will be over and we’ll be enjoying a well-deserved Spring Break!

The days leading up to that break are especially important right now:  The tests are coming!  9th graders have Math and English PARCC tests starting March 21st.  10th graders have the PSAT soon after Spring Break on April 11th.  11th graders have the SAT on April 11th and the Science CMAS on Thursday April 13th.  All scores will be in their high school transcripts (which colleges review). Wow!  That’s intense!

Despite the intensity, our students have been working hard to prepare for these tests.  They’re reading, writing, solving, and innovating more than ever.  And as their MAP growth showed us, they have developed the academic skills necessary to shine.

It’s no secret that when our individual students shine, Venture Prep shines. The biggest part of our score as a school is how much our students grow on these tests.  We need every single student to do their very best on test day.  Let’s do this Venture Prep!

In this issue, we’ve also included important information about the end of Quarter 3, new opportunities for students, our recruitment plans, and how we’re responding to our government’s new decrees regarding immigration.  As this issue demonstrates, we strive every day to create an environment that cares about and educates your child as the unique individual she or he is.  During times of challenge, we are even more passionate about fulfilling this responsibility.


Erin Quigley


Venture Prep Highlights

Upcoming Testing

Soon our students will begin taking their standardized tests. We know that these tests are usually the last things that your students want to take, but we would like you to encourage them to do their bests on these tests because they can lead to better class placements, scholarships, and increased school ranking.

Testing Schedule:

9th Grade PARCC for Math and English – March 21-23

10th Grade PSAT – April 11

11th Grade SAT – April 11 and CMAS Science – April 13

*** As a reward, any 9th grade student who puts in 100% effort for the PARCC test will be eligible to attend a field trip to Elitch Gardens

Venture Prep Girls Basketball At State Championship!

Congratulations to our Lady Panthers Basketball Team, who are the first team in VP history to make it to a State Championship game! We could not be more proud of these amazing student-athletes who are excelling both in the classroom and on the court!!! Go Panthers Go!

VP Senior Celebration

We are celebrating with all of our graduating seniors!!! Our seniors have accumulated a total of $740,000 in scholarship!!! We are so glad to announce that 100% of our 4-year students have applied to at least two schools. 90% have applied to four schools. Almost all have been accepted to at least one.

VP March Pep Rally

Congratulations to all of the students who were acknowledged and awarded for their academic and athletics efforts during our March Pep Rally!!! Way to go Panthers!