Venture Prep High School | January Newsletter
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January Newsletter

January Newsletter

Message from the Principal

Dear Venture Families,

I hope this letter finds you well! We are so excited for this coming Spring! We have so much to celebrate and our three pillars – Personalization, Building Strong Relationships, and Rigorous Innovation – are evident in so many corners of Venture Prep.

This month I Want to focus on our pillar Rigorous Innovation to show you how Venture Prep’s program is ensuring your child is growing dramatically as a learner. Check out the great initiatives below! Also on the back our newsletter, we’ve included pertinent information. Don’t want to wait until the next newsletter to get the scoop? Check us out on Facebook and our website! We’re constantly updating those two sites with news and updates.

Also, our SLCs are Wednesday, February 22nd! They will be held from so you can hear from your teachers about grades, the PARCC/PSAT/SAT, and the rest of the winter MAP tests!

Have a wonderful February!

Erin Quigley


Venture Prep Highlights

Students Will Receive Chromebooks!

Exciting news about the 2017-2018 School year! Starting in the Fall Venture Prep will be offering all student a Chromebook computer to help them further their educational experience. In addition to using it during their time at VP, all students will have the option to keep the Chromebook after they graduate! Please look for more information about this new technology program over the summer!

Venture Prep is #1 in DPS for SAT Prep!

Great news! Venture Prep was ranked #1 for SAT Prep in DPS. We earned this rating because our teachers incorporate SAT prep into lessons on a weekly basis. Using both The College Board and Khan Academy, our students spend about 40 minutes per week learning how to analyze data, compare text, reading and comparing charts, graphs and texts, using evidence to support their claims and giving high constructed answers. Way to go VP student and VP teachers!

MAP Success

Over 80% of our students have shown dramatic growth in just the last 6 months. Data is still coming in, but there is a huge excitement about how well all of the students are doing.

We are so proud of the accomplishment of our students!


VP Students are College Bound

Congratulations to seniors! Through our rigorous new Advisory Program, students are getting into more colleges and earning more scholarship money than ever before! $407,750, to be exact. All students who have been accepted to college have also applied for external scholarships, including two students who are still candidates for the Daniels Fund. 100% of our 4-year students have applied to at least two schools. 90% have applied to four schools. Almost all have been accepted to at least one. Not one VP Student has been rejected.

Innovative New Media Program

We are excited to introduce Rouge Squad, Venture Prep’s Student-Run Media Network. This innovative class was started by David Guillen (you may have known him as our College and Career Coordinator). He leads 11th graders Cynthia Diaz, Golden Hardy, Adawnous Henry, Michael Henthorne, Khadra Jeylani, Rhaena Killingbeck, and Armando Nieto-Martinez. Currently, the team is producing podcasts, videos, blogs, and so much more! We will post all their work on the school website.