Venture Prep High School | August 28, 2016 Newsletter
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August 28, 2016 Newsletter

August 28, 2016 Newsletter

Message from the Principal

Dear Venture Prep Community Members,

We had an amazing first week at our new location!  It was wonderful to see our returning students again and meet our new 9th graders. It was also exciting to watch these new initiatives take off: our new Advisory program, project based learning model, partnership with Summit Basecamp, and our new block schedule.

One of the first changes our students noticed (besides the photos of the all over our walls) was no bells!  That’s right–we turned off the bells so our students could learn how to manage their time.  No surprise here:  they were up to the challenge, getting to their classes on time and ready to learn.

Below are some of the other highlights of this past week as well as some helpful information for all our parents out there.  And we’d love to share even more with you at our Venture Prep Open House on Monday Sept. 12th from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m!  This is a great opportunity to check out our building and meet our faculty and staff!  In the meantime, we hope you all have a wonderful week!


Erin Quigley


Venture Prep Highlights

Day 1!

The morning of the first day of school was beautiful, sunny, and exciting!  Students mingled with each other and with their teachers outside and learned for the first time who their Advisors would be (this would be their school-based mentor until they graduate!).  Here 9th grade math teacher, Ms. Triggs, and one of her former students, Adrian, reconnect in front of the Venture Prep photo board.

Students Save the World

In Mr. Boyd’s class, students acted as CDC officials in an ebola outbreak simulation.  They reviewed the data on how an outbreak might affect a neighborhood, hypothesized which homes were probably exposed to the virus (based on symptoms), and came up with action steps to stop the spread.

The Garden Launch

The Gardening class and Outdoor Leadership class collaborated Friday morning to move our vegetable beds to their new home outside the community garden.  That meant digging out the dirt, transporting beds, and refilling them. Soon our students will begin planting vegetables and herbs to support our new “Garden to Cafeteria” program!  Our entire student body will soon get to eat the delicious crop from our garden!

Recess = Happier, Healthier Students

This year we integrated recess into the school day for all students.  After lunch, students head outside so they can get fresh air, play sports, or even swing on the swing sets!   Here a group of our 9th and 10th graders play a game of basketball before they start their afternoon classes.

Advisory Gets Building

Our new Advisory program gives students the opportunity to develop their collaboration skills.  Here, teachers challenged small groups of ninth graders to work together to build a tower with just a few items.  Afterward, they discussed what roles they each needed to play within the group to do this successfully. We were so impressed with the towers the students built!

Helpful Information