Venture Prep High School | Academic Ventures
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Academic Ventures

Venture Prep Academics

At Venture Prep, we combine the best parts of a traditional academic program with an innovative college and career preparation program. Our academic program includes multiple pathways, which are a variety of structured academic opportunities for students to achieve their goal for high school graduation and postsecondary success. Each pathway is designed by its programming and is accessed by each student based on the individual student’s academic interest and unique needs.
At Venture Prep, we strive to help each student identify their secondary-schooling plan.
At Venture Prep, we believe that a student’s learning is optimized when the students are active and engaged members in the learning process. Keeping that in mind, all systems and structures at our school are designed to ensure a personalized learning experience for every student. Every Venture Prep student will have an Advisory class where students receive daily counseling, mentorship, and support that monitors progress. Our student advisory program is also aligned to career pathways, opportunities to accelerate their learning, academic interventions, Project Based Learning (PBL) experiences, and internship opportunities.
At Venture Prep, we provide a rigorous learning environment that ensures students have a strong academic foundation and are prepared for success.

4-Year Academic Plan Overview

Venture Prep Career Pathways